Friday, 4 September 2009

Urban Outfitters

So here’s something a bit exciting. Urban Outfitters have got wind of our antics and would like to get involved. We’re looking at placing our drop boxes in a couple of their shops giving you lot more ways to return your books. There’s also talk of a mini Choose What You Read library corner which will be stocked with our books, donated by your good selves, and dressed with their comfy chairs. I mean, is the world becoming a better place or is it just me?

This coming Monday we’ll be doing the usual handout at as many stations as we have hands to man. If you’d like to get involved we’d love to have you. Email to volunteer. Or swing by on your way back from work and grab a book.


Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Right then, there’s no point in having a blog if you’re not going to update it is there? So here we are, four months after the last entry, sitting down to whisper in your ear. Alot has happened. In June Scenery Chewer threw us a little party at Proud to celebrate our six month anniversary. We had a chat, a little dance and everyone walked away with a book and a cupcake. Wet Ink gave us a tailored poetry corner amid a stack of freepapers, live music came from Laura Whitticase, Record Department and Los BrainChildren with Top Nice! DJs finishing off the night. You can’t say fairer than that.

July saw the launch of Choose What You Read New York. Amazing. Buku Sarkar and a bunch of friends took on four stations in Manhattan to by all accounts a great success.

Later that month we had a little stint at Latitude Festival preaching to the converted. Tucked deep in the woods by the BBC Arena we gave out books and wore silly hats.

So now we’re knuckling down to all things professional. Turning this venture into a non profit organisation so that we can accept donations and avoid going broke. We’ve been chatting to Penguins and other literary animals, building more drop boxes and putting together a newsletter. In the meantime you’ll find us outside major London tube stations on the first Monday of the month (next handout 7th September) giving you an alternative to the slush that is the freepapers.

Bye, bye x

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Choose What You Twitter

Choose What You Read news and updates are now available in Twitter format.

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News Storm

Well April seems to be a busy month for us.

We've been picked up in several articles including the Financial Times, BBC News, Telegraph and Guardian (Although Richard Lea seems to have confused us with the wonderful Bookcrossing initiative) as well as countless blogs from around the globe. We even managed to fit in time for a brief radio debate on BBC Worldservice with the chief editor of City AM (London's business freesheet).

So what does this mean for us?

Well to begin with we're expanding; on May 5th we hope to add London Bridge, Charing Cross and Kings Cross to the list of stations we give out books at. Also to cope with the increased attention and paperwork we would like to welcome a new member to the team, the rather lovely Emma Wright (Round of applause).

We've also become inundated with responses from members of the public wondering if they can donate books to the scheme, and the response as always is a very big yes. Some people have so many to give that we're in the process of planning a pickup day with a van around London in the next two weeks.

Beyond that there are several very exciting things in the pipeline including several new drop boxes, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates.

Friday, 6 February 2009


Our first handout was a resounding success. Thanks to everyone who came down to help or spoke to us on the night. There are more photos on our facebook group. Happy reading.